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Beethoven X

Documentary | 52 min | English & German

The music film tells the creation of the 10th symphony by an AI with the participation of leading musicologists and technology experts in 52 minutes.

To visualize the genesis of Beethoven’s work, dramatized Reenactments were filmed at original locations in Vienna and Bonn.

In addition, the orchestra recordings were filmed and prominent performers such as Cameron Carpenter, Sebastian Knauer and Billy Joel were interviewed.

The film concludes with the premiere in Bonn and the festive premiere in the Elbphilharmonie in October 2021

STARRING: Billy Joel, Cameron Carpenter, Thomas Druyen, Christine Eichel, Ahmed Elgammal, Daniel Froschauer, Mark Gotham, Dirk Kaftan, Sebastian Knauer, Robert Levin, Raimund Lissy, Matthias Röder, Michael Schuld, Christine Siegert & Walter Werzowa

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