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Climb Every Mountain

Documentary | 52 min | English & German

Climb Every Mountain tells the story about two extraordinarily talented singers, Dominic Muhrer (Eurovision Song Contest Finalist) from Salzburg, Austria and Joshua Ledet (American Idol Finalist) from Louisiana, USA, who are meeting to perform and record the all time world hit, Climb Every Mountain, from the legendary long running Sound Of Music Musical and Multi-Oscar® winning Film.


16 time Grammy Winner Humberto Gatica produced the newly arranged song. The film was shot in Salzburg on the original Sound Of Music locations, in the LA area and the notorious Lionshare Studios (where Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson & Humberto produced “We Are the World”) as well as in Joshua Ledet’s home around Lake Charles in Louisiana.

STARRING: Joshua Ledet, Dominik Muhrer, Jonas Kaufmann, Humberto Gatica

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