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Hansi Hinterseer

Documentary | 47 min | German

Hansi Hinterseer, mountain farmer boy, ski star, and entertainer, reflects on his successful life and provides never-before-shared insights into his upbringing, sports career with victories and defeats – and how he transitioned from a skiing professional career in the USA and JAPAN to becoming first a fashion icon and then a music and entertainment star. Four unplanned life careers that have not changed the grounded mountain farmer boy to this day, who accepted with gratitude what life offered him and what he made of it. Many prominent companions, Olympic champions, and world champions have their say, as well as music stars like DJ Ötzi, Melissa Naschenweng, and Chris Steger.

STARRING: Hansi Hinterseer, Lucas Braathen, Herbert Fechter, Gerry Friedle, Peter Habeler , Balthasar Hauser, Lukas Hinterseer, Michael Huber, Toni Innauer, Martin Kerscher, Rudolf Klingohr, Fritz Melchert, Annemarie Moser-Pröll, Melissa Naschenweng, Christian Neureuther, Felix Neureuther, Denise Rich, Bernhard Russi, Chris Steger, Linus Strasser, Fritz Strobl, Viktoria Veider-Walser, Alfons Weindorf, Harti Weirather & Hanni Wenzel

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